We all love collecting stones and pebbles. It’s a universal pleasure enjoyed world wide and it’s been that way for millennia.

For me, the exploring and the gathering of stones became a very pleasant addiction, both wonderful and symbolic. There are so many interesting pathways into the contours of British Columbia’s West Coast. Every niche or expanse either hides or reveals countless tactile natural forms that encourage us to marvel at the arts of nature.

Since the early seventies, I have been wandering the river valleys and beaches of our coast. This adventure would find me clinging to the rock of a small river gorge one day and meandering along a loud, endless beach the next. Wherever I was, it was an artisan’s treasure land.

Nature became an integral part of my being. Its preservation became clearly essential.

All of my works include gathered or reclaimed materials collected or sourced with as little environmental impact as possible. From every piece sold, a percentage will go to nature and wildlife preservation societies or climate justice organizations for young people.